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September 23rd to 30th, 2017
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

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Doug Geddes
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Corrine Mulberry
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Dan Miller
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Please Note: Your reservation is not accepted until a trip deposit has been received by the Treasurer.  Please mail your deposit to:
     Dan Miller
     824 Gunpowder Drive
     Lexington, KY 40509-1754
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Dates: September 23rd to 30th, 2017 - Saturday to Saturday
Accommodations: Ramon's Village Resort
San Pedro, Belize
(800) Magic 15
(601) 649-1990
(601) 649-1996 (FAX)
Note: Please call your Trip Leader before contacting the resort directly.  The Trip Leader may already have the answer and/or your question/concern may be relevant to other club members on this trip.
Dive Operator: Ramon's Village Divers
Located on the resort property
Transportation: No Club Group Air available - Please secure own reservations

In country ground and air transportation IS INCLUDED in price.  Go ahead and book your international travel. Belize City to Ambergris Caye to Ramon’s Village and return.  Domestic air runs 6:40a to 9:10p every 40 minutes. You have a reserved spot on a flight based on your international arrival time.

Sample Air

This itinerary is for illustration only.

Date: From: To: Flight: Leave: Arrive:
Lexington to San Pedro
23 SEP 17 LEX ATL DL746 6:10 AM 7:25 AM
Change Planes. Connect time in Atlanta, GA 2 hour 25 minutes
ATL BZE DL703 9:50 AM 10:55 AM
Change Planes. Connect time in Belize City X hour XX minutes
23 SEP 17
30 SEP 17
Dive & Dine Ambergris Caye, San Pedro, Belize
San Pedro to Lexington
Change Planes. Connect time in Belize City 2 hours 0 minutes
BZE ATL DL695 11:50 AM 4:48 PM
Change Planes. Connect time in Atlanta, GA 4 hours 52 minutes
ATL LEX DL5142 9:40 PM 10:55 PM

These cost figures are accurate (except those marked estimate) but not to the penny.  Some are rounded.  Your final cost will be determined by the club treasurer.

All prices are per/person for 7 night/8 day stay with 5 days of diving.  All rooms have A/C, ceiling fans, hot water, shower, private bathroom.

Trip Costs include:
•  7 nights Ramon’s Village Resort
•  Breakfast Daily
•  Six 2-tank dives, plus 1 Night Dive
•  In country ground and air transportation is included in price.
    (Belize City to Ambergris Caye to Ramon’s Village and return.)

Trip Costs do NOT include:
•  International airfare to Belize City & return.
•  Blue Hole Dive experience.
•  Bar tab.
•  Lunch & Dinner & drinks.
•  Golf Cart Rental ($285 weekly; pre-reserve or pay onsite)
•  Nitrox ($ 8 + 12.5% tax per tank; pay on site)
•  Snorkeling, Mayan tours, underground cave tubing, etc.

Lodging Options: 
•  Standard Room: Seaside Standard Double Occupancy
•  Upgrade:  Beachfront King (double occupancy) or Guest Suite (double occupancy)
•  Budget Option:  Belizean Princess Cottage; 2 queen beds only (10 units total)

Non-Diver Rate Includes:
  All of the above except diving
Category Single Double Triple Quad
Diver (Standard) $2,159.00 $1,453.00 $1,281.00 $1,196.00
Non-Diver (Standard) Note 1 $981.00 $809.00 $718.00
Diver (Upgrade - BK) Note 1 $1,533.00 Note 1 Note 1
Non-Diver (Upgrade - BK) Note 1 $1,060.00 Note 1 Note 1
Diver (Upgrade - BK) Note 1 $1,552.00 Note 1 Note 1
Non-Diver (Upgrade - BK) Note 1 $1,079.00 Note 1 Note 1
Diver (Budget Option) $1,663.00 $1,205.00 $1,116.00 $1,072.00
Non-Diver (Budget Option) Note 1 $733.00 $644.00 $599.00
Note 1

Cost not provided by vendor.  If any requests, we can get cost from them.

Golf cart rental, weekly, $285.00.  NOTE:  The heart of San Pedro is approximately a half mile walk along the beach or along the sand road. Golf cart parking in San Pedro has become an issue/problem.  If you wish to reserve a golf cart, please indicate if you are interested or willing to share (costs, shuttles to dinner, etc) with others.   Note:  you may be able to find a better deal/price by shopping around independently.

Click here ===> To access BGDC Trip Refund Policy
Payment Schedule: Due Date For Amount

15 DEC 16

Sign Up/Deposit (Cannot guarantee rate after December 1st)


23 JUN 17

Balance due - Treasurer will invoice


Dead Lines:

$200 Sign-up deposit by December 1, 2016 required to lock into prices.
Sign-ups after December 1st, 2016 are subject to availability and price Increase.

Trip Insurance: Click here ===> To view information about Dive Emergency Assistance and Trip Insurance from a Bluegrass Dive Club partner.

Standards & Plug

110 Volt AC and 230 Volt AC (Alternating Current) 60 HZ (Cycles) common in Belize

Plug Type "B" 110 VAC

Plug Type "G" 230 VAC

Plug Type "B" is the most common (Click on a link, above, for more info)
NOTE: If you run into the Type "G" outlet you will need ADAPTERS to convert this outlet type to something a U.S. Electrical plug will go into.  You may also need a transformer if you have items that are not marked as described in the following paragraph.

Most newer electrical  devices (Camera battery chargers, Laptops, iPads, iPods, Phone chargers) and many other devices can accept a broad range of electrical input 100VAC to 240VAC, 50-60 HZ.  Be sure to look closely at the sticker or power requirement stamp on the device or charger to check.  If it only says 110 or 120 VAC you will need a transformer.  Click to see a sample voltage label.

If you have a number of items to plug in, I recommend taking a small power strip and connecting it with the appropriate adapter to the available power.  Just remember - once you do that - the power at the power strip is now what ever you plugged it into 110 Volt AC 60 HZ or 230 Volt AC - 50 HZ.  Do not plug anything into the power strip that requires 110 or 120 VAC only, if the power strip is plugged into 230 Volt AC - 50 HZ .  If you use a power strip, make sure it is a "cheap" one that does not have a built in circuit breaker otherwise it may pop the circuit breaker in the resort.

Notes: Flag of Belize

Map of Belize

From Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia

Belize is the only officially English speaking country

Amerindians which led way to the Mayans were amongst the original inhabitants of Belize.

The Maya civilization spread itself over Belize between 1500 BC and 300 AD and flourished until about 900 AD. European settlement began with British Jews, privateers and shipwrecked English seamen as early as 1638.

The origin of the name Belize is unclear, but one idea is that it derives from the Spanish pronunciation of the surname of the pirate who created the first settlement in Belize in 1638, Peter Wallace. Another possibility is that the name is from the Maya word belix, meaning "muddy water", applied to the Belize River.

The early "settlement of Belize in the Bay of Honduras" grew from a few habitations located at Belize Town and St George's Caye into a de-facto colony of the United Kingdom during the late eighteenth century. In the early nineteenth century the settlement was called British Honduras, and in 1871 it became a Crown Colony.

Taking advantage of Spain’s inability to establish control over present-day Belize, Englishmen began to cut logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum L.), a dyewood greatly valued in Europe as the principal dyestuff for the expanding wool industry. By the 1770s, a second tropical exotic timber, mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King), replaced logwood as the main export from Belize. The economy of Belize remained based on the extraction of mahogany until the early 1900s when the cultivation of export crops such as citrus, sugar cane, and bananas came to dominate the economy.

Hurricane Hattie inflicted significant damage upon Belize in 1961. The government decided that a coastal capital city lying below sea level was too risky. Over several years, the British colonial government designed a new capital, Belmopan, at the exact geographic centre of the country, and in 1970 began slowly moving the governing offices there.

British Honduras became a self-governing colony in January 1964 and was renamed "Belize" on June 1 1973; it was the United Kingdom's last colony on the American mainland. George Price led the country to full independence on September 21 1981 after delays caused by territorial disputes with neighboring Guatemala, which did not formally recognize the country.

Throughout Belize's history, Guatemala has claimed ownership of all or part of the territory. This claim is occasionally reflected in maps showing Belize as Guatemala's twenty-third province. As of March 2007, the border dispute with Guatemala remains unresolved and quite contentious; at various times the issue has required mediation by the United Kingdom, CARICOM heads of Government, the Organization of American States and, on one occasion, the United States. Since independence, a British garrison has been retained in Belize at the request of the Belizean Government. Notably, both Guatemala and Belize are participating in the confidence-building measures approved by the OAS, including the Guatemala-Belize Language Exchange Project.

In 2005, Belize was the site of unrest caused by discontent with the country's ruling party as well as tax increases in the national budget.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

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