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June 11th to 18th, 2011 - Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

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Trip Leader:

For Questions Regarding Trip
Rebecca Singer
(859) 552-0880


For Questions Regarding Payments
George Fleischmann
(859) 873-9539


June 11th thru 18th, 2011 (Saturday to Saturday)


Plaza Resort Bonaire
Julio A. Abraham Blvd
Kralendijk, 99999, Antilles
(781) 821-1012

Dive Operator:

Located on the resort property




These cost figures are accurate (except those marked estimate) but not to the penny.  Some are rounded.  Your final cost will be determined by the club treasurer.

Package Includes:
 - 7 night spacious Laguna view accommodations in an air-conditioned 1 or 2 bedroom Villa complete with living & dining room, cable TV, telephone and full kitchen with dishwasher
 - 1 or 2 bedrooms
 - 1 or 2 bathrooms
 - Daily Breakfast
 - FREE Nitrox
 - 6 days unlimited air-fill for shore diving
 - Resort tax & service & Energy Surcharge
 - 7 day vehicle rental including full insurance plan, tax & unlimited mileage (1 per villa)
 - Children under 12 are free if accompanied with two paid adults

Accommodation Type

Diver Non-Diver
1 BR Laguna View - Double Occupancy $932 $790
2 BR Laguna View - Double Occupancy $1025 $883
2 BR Laguna View - Triple Occupancy $762 $620
2 BR Laguna View - Quad Occupancy $620 $478
5th Person $570 $428
6th Person $536 $394


6 dive boat upgrade Add Incl
11 dive boat upgrade Add $127
Airfare (estimate only at this time based on 2010 fares) Add $1000
All rates are per person, in U.S. dollars excluding $25 per diver Bonaire Marine Park fee and Bonaire departure tax.  Each villa must contain one diver minimum.
Click here ===> To access BGDC Trip Refund Policy

Aruba, Bonaire &
Standards & Plug
St. Marten, Saba &
St. Eustatius use
110 VAC/60 HZ

127 & 220 Volt AC (Alternating Current) 50 HZ (Cycles)

Plug Type "A"

Plug Type "B"

Plug Type "F"

Plug Type "A" is the most common (Click on a link, above, for more info)
Note: Most newer electrical  devices (Camera battery chargers, Laptops, iPads, iPods, Phone chargers) and many other devices can accept 100VAC to 240VAC, 50-60 HZ.  Be sure to look closely at the sticker or power requirement stamp on the device or charger to check.  If it only says 110 VAC you will need a transformer.


Where is Bonaire located?

Location of Netherlands Antilles

Flag of Netherlands Antilles

Flag of Netherlands Antilles

ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: All Americans traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter the United States.  This requirement will be extended to sea travel (except closed-loop cruises), including ferry service, on June 1, 2009.  Until then, U.S. citizens traveling by sea may present government-issued photo identification and a document showing their U.S. citizenship (for example, a birth certificate or certificate of nationalization).  Starting June 1, 2009, all travelers must present a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document such as a passport or a passport card for entry to the United States.  While passport cards and enhanced driver’s licenses are sufficient for entry into the United States, they may not be accepted by the particular country you plan to visit; please be sure to check with your cruise line and countries of destination for any foreign entry requirements.

The U.S. Consulate recommends traveling in the Netherlands Antilles with a valid U.S. passport to avoid delays or misunderstandings. A lost or stolen passport is also easier to replace when outside the United States than other evidence of citizenship. Visitors to the Netherlands Antilles may be asked to show onward/return tickets or proof of sufficient funds for their stay. Length of stay is granted for two weeks and may be extended for 90 days by the head office of immigration. For further information, travelers may contact the Royal Netherlands Embassy, 4200 Linnean Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008, telephone (202) 244-5300, or the Dutch Consulate in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Houston or Miami. Visit the web site for the Embassy of the Netherlands  for the most current visa information. 

We have more information pertaining to dual nationality and international child abduction. Please refer to our customs information to learn more about customs regulations. 

Bonaire's pristine reefs and diverse marine life are unique to the Caribbean. Because the waters around Bonaire are designated as an official marine park, diving Bonaire is like diving the Caribbean the way it used to be - untouched and unspoiled. The island's location in the south Caribbean gives it an arid climate with little rainfall; consequently, the waters are exceptionally clear of silt, calm, and divable year round. It is an ideal destination for underwater photographers. Water temperatures average a warm 78-84°F (25.6-28.9°C), with visibility often averaging over 100 feet(30m), and frequently, up to 150 feet (55m).  (Excerpt from "Diving Bonaire," which has additional interesting information, history and details on the Bonaire Marine Park.)

For an excellent map of Bonaire's dive sites visit the "Bonaire Marine Park" web site.  This map features pop-up windows with the names of the dive sites as you point to them and a promise of additional information in the future.


Links to information on:

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Time in Bonaire - AST-0400 UTC -
Bonaire is in the Atlantic Time Zone and does not change for Daylight Savings Time.  They are one hour earlier than U.S. Eastern time during non-Daylight Savings time and the same as Eastern Time when the U.S. is on Daylight Savings time.
Bonaire Marine Park - Good maps and dive site locations
Delta Airlines - Flight transportation
U.S. State Department - Consular Information Sheet - Bonaire
Embassy of the United States of America - Service provided from Caracas, Venezuela
Embassy of the Netherlands - Washington D.C.

Weather in Bonaire 
CIA World Factbook - Netherlands Antilles - Bonaire's History
Klein Bonaire History
InfoBonaire - More history, maps and information

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