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July 15th, 2006-Dale Hollow Lake Trip

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Trip Leaders:

For Questions Regarding Trip
Doug Geddes
(859) 224-3197
For Questions Regarding Trip
Sharon Palmisano
(859) 971-1778


For Questions Regarding Payments
Sharon Palmisano
(859) 971-1778


Saturday, July 15th, 2006


Personal Vehicle - Car Pool if Possible


Day Date Event/Activity
 Saturday 7/15/06  TBD
Sunday 7/16/06  TBD


$10 per person to help cover the gas cost

From the Newsletter:

Get your gear ready it is time to go diving. We will be meeting at the Dale Hollow State Dock at 11:00 our time. We are planning on leaving the dock by 11:30. Please come early so we donít have to load all the tanks and gear at the last minute. We have rented a 30í pontoon boat for our use. We are planning on doing two dives on Saturday and one or two on Sunday. Check our website for a map or just use your computer to get one. All else fails use a map like the old days. Please bring all your gear; they do not have gear at the state dock. You can probably get by with one tank since we will be diving shallow. We will go to Willowís Grove for air on Sunday or late Saturday if time permits. For some reason, if you show up late and need to get a hold of us, have the state dock call us on the radio. If you canít find us, hang around and we will be back around 7:00 or so to the dock. If you have a wet suit; you might want to bring it, the water is cold below 20í. If you are planning on staying the night, you will need to bring a tent or something to sleep in. We will have a potluck dinner after the dives on Saturday. Bring plenty of good food to share with your fellow hungry divers. You donít have to share if you donít want too, but it is less food to prepare on your part. Last year a bunch of us with to the State Lodge for a buffet breakfast, or you can cook your own. On Sunday, the group will decide what they want to do, dive or play. If you are coming down for Sunday, you need to be there by 10:00 our time. Wait for us at the dock or come find us at the campgrounds. The only cost involved for you is your share of the gas on the boat, air, food and camping. We had 16 persons last year and it looks like we could have a larger crowd this year. You have asked for low cost dive trips and this is one. Come out and support your fellow members for fun in the sun.

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