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Fiji - February 5th thru 12th, 2000

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Yes..they do have restrooms in Fiji.jpg (19366 bytes) Fiji babe magnet.jpg (15366 bytes) guys missed the hammerhead.jpg (15874 bytes) Damn...too much kava last night.jpg (11027 bytes) kinaka nika tonga ti.jpg (19541 bytes)

Yes!..they do have restrooms in Fiji 

Fiji babe magnet guys missed the hammerhead

Damn...too much kava last night

kinaka nika tonga ti
(Soon we be
eating white man)

Evening on the beach...Fiji.jpg (89832 bytes) I thought the scenery would be better.jpg (46871 bytes) I'll skip the next dive...water's too rough.jpg (54867 bytes) Let's see....night dive or beer?.jpg (69602 bytes) fijimap2.jpg (72986 bytes)

Evening on the beach...Fiji.

I thought the scenery would be better!

I'll skip the next dive...water's too rough

Let's see....night dive or beer?

Fiji Map


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