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June 9th thru 16th, 2007 - Grand Turk

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Doug Geddes
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George Fleischmann
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June 9th thru 16th, 2007


Osprey Beach Hotel (See Link, Below)

Dive Operator:

Cecil Ingham's SEA EYE DIVING (See Link, Below)


Most likely trip details are below but remain TBD at this time



 Date: From: To: Flight Leave: Arrive:
09 JUN 07 LEX CLT US 2598 9:25 AM 10:30 AM
CLT PLS US 1059 11:30 AM 2:21 PM
PLS GDT TCI 219 7:00 PM 7:25 PM
10 JUN 07
15 JUN 07
Dive & Dine Grand Turk
PLS CLT US 2309 1:05 PM 3:49 PM
CLT LEX US 2309 5:35 PM 6:53 PM


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Treasurer - George

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 Three choices of room package are available:

Room Type (All prices = Double Occupancy)

Diver Non-Diver
Deluxe Room - 1 King Bed $1,022 $675
Standard Room - 2 Queen Beds $1,054 $721
Approximate total cost for diver $2,099 to $2,131
Approximate total cost for non-diver $1,752 to $1,798
Single, Triple and Quad pricing - Contact Doug
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(Text copied from the Turks & Caicos National Museum Web Site, Map from SEA EYE DIVING)
The word History grows from the same root as story.

Natural History is the story of the environment and all that is in it. In the Turks & Caicos Islands, our natural History is intimately connected, in all its aspects, to the sea. The Natural History Gallery covers the development of the geology, plant and animal life

Pre-History is the story of the time before the written word. In the Turks & Caicos, pre-History refers to the era before Columbus brought Europeans and writing to the Americas. We access these stories of pre-History through Archaeology. This pre History is the time of the Lucayans.

The Turks & Caicos historic period begins with European contact sometime in the 1490s. The Molasses Reef Shipwreck exhibit dates to this early period of our History. Some suggest that Ponce de Leon was the first to record these Islands when he passed this way in 1512, whilst others believe that earlier records may include this area.

History is those stories gleaned from the words written by our ancestors: in diaries, letters, reports, wills, lawsuits, expense accounts, ordinances and laws, books, religious instructions. The Museum is collecting a wide range of information to help us understand this period of History. Maps can be found that include the Caicos Islands as early as 1530. Written text does not become extensive until the British declare ownership of the Islands. After this date records were kept in duplicate or triplicate files and can be found in various archives around the world.

For most of these records following 1764 there are copies held in the Public Record Office in England. Copy files are held in the Bahamas (1767-1848 and 1962-1969) and in Jamaica (1873-1962).

The Museum is having many of these files held overseas copied onto microfilm so that they are accessible in the Turks and Caicos.

As some say that without knowing your past you are destined to make the same mistakes. The Museum sees History as the keystone for much of its work and development

Links to information on:

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Time in Turks & Caicos - EST-0500 UTC - The


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