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4H Camp-2003 Trip, September 24th thru 28th, 2003

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Trip Leader:

Doug Long (859) 259-1747        


September 24th thru 28th, 2003


--4-H camp at Lake Cumberland, KY
--We occupy the councilors rooms in large bunkhouse cabins usually shared by two or three couples, one couple per councilor room.
--Common bathroom per cabin with several showers, sinks, etc.
--Group dining in "mess hall."  Food prepared by trip participants.


Make your own arrangements - car pool if you can
Directions: See map at bottom of this page


$6.00 per person per night for cabins
Share of meal expenses for meals eaten
3-Day weekend will typically run $35.00 to $40.00 per person total!!

Trip Limit:

35 maximum - 2002 year participants have priority

Current Sign-Up Status:

Contact Doug Long


Bring lawn chairs, snacks, hors d'oeuvres, games, cards, desserts

The Lake Cumberland trip is a fun Fall trip just to get away for the weekend and relax.  Most people are arriving either Thursday or Friday.  A few "Old Timers" are arriving as early as Wednesday.   It's OK if you can only be there for Saturday and/or Sunday.  If you are a die-hard diver you can bring your dive gear as the camp site in right on Lake Cumberland and we have access to the dock and a pontoon boat.  The water temperature is still "OK" this time of year (in fact, may be warmer than the air temperature) but diving in a fresh water lake is nothing like the Caribbean.  'nuff said?  Unless we have heavy rains in the weeks leading up to this weekend, the water will be about as clear as it gets all year with about 30-40 foot visibility.

This trip is a mixture of Bluegrass Dive Club members and "B-Team" members.  The "B-Team" is a group of people from very diverse backgrounds who have been good friends for many years and have made this weekend journey for almost 20 years.  The connection is that Doug Long, who is a BGDC member, is also a "B-Team" member.

The sleeping accommodations are in large bunk houses (cabins) designed with two or three small bed rooms for councilors and several larger rooms for scores of kids. We go without the kids!!!  Don't even ask, this is an adults only weekend.  Many of the people going have children but this is a special weekend to get away from the little (some big) darlings.  Depending on the number of people attending you may have a whole bunk house to yourself or share one with another couple or two, each taking one of the councilor rooms.  They are all single bunks but work fine as a double bed when pushed together.  We have found two sleeping bags zipped together into one to be very comfortable.   There is one common bath per cabin with several showers, commodes and sinks.  Either take turns or get real friendly.  There is heat in the cabins, if needed.

Much of the weekend is spent in the large "mess hall" simply spending time with old friends, eating and/or playing cards or other games.  Be sure to bring any games you like.  Hiking or nature walks are great this time of year as the weather is usually very pleasant with warm days and cool nights.  At least one evening we will build a campfire on the shore and swap tall tales.

Food is prepared by several of the people on the trip and is out of this world!  Some of these people were or are chefs and are now or have been in the restaurant business.  Everyone pitches in with the dishes and also brings snacks, hors d'oeuvres, munchies, brownies, etc.  The food is purchased, en masse, regardless of who is cooking and the cost is divided by the number of meals eaten per person.  If you want to volunteer (maybe with several others) to prepare a special meal, please contact Doug Long who is the food coordinator.

In 2002 we had 32 people for this outing at the peak on Saturday night.  The maximum number of people that we would like to accommodate is about 35 due to cabin space and without straining the cooks since they are all volunteers.   If you are not already signed up for this trip please contact Doug Long, (859) 259-1747 to see if you can be accommodated.  He will add you to the list on a first-come, first served basis for any openings that become available.

Total cost of this elaborate weekend?  Well, you will have to wait till the end of the weekend to settle up.  It is $6.00 per person per night for the cabins and your share of the meal costs for the meals you eat.  A typical week end in past years has been about $35.00 (TOTAL) per head for a three-day weekend.  Try to beat that anywhere else!

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Directions:  From Lexington, follow U.S. 27 (Nicholasville Road) or I-75 to the Cumberland Parkway.  Go west to Kentucky 80 (Exit 78).  Exit heading south.  Within a 100 yards, or so, you will turn right (west) on 3262.  Follow 3262 west, then south approximately 2.5 miles to a stop sign at Rt. 196.  Turn right.  Follow 196 until it ends which will be right in front of the Kentucky Leadership Center and 4-H Camp entrance.  Continue straight on the gravel road until you reach a large open area and a gravel road going left.  Turn left and follow this gravel road 100 yards to the camp kitchen and check in.  Print the map above for detailed directions. Without it you may never be heard from again!  Color printer is best.


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