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January/February, 2003 - Palau/Yap

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Trip Leader:

Mike McCann
(859) 255-3937   


Kit Hudson
(859) 873-4974


Yap (Option)
January 21st thru February 1st, 2003
February 1st thru February 6th, 2003


Palau - Palau Pacific Resort (See Link, Below)
Boat - Big Blue Explorer - Liveaboard (See Link, Below)
Yap - Traders' Ridge Hotel (See Link, Below)

Dive Operator:

Big Blue Explorer - Liveaboard (See Link, Below)


Continental Airlines (Lexington - Houston - Honolulu - Guam - Palau)


 Date: From: To: Flight Leave: Arrive:
21-Jan-03 Lexington, KY Houston, TX CO 2815   6:30 PM   7:53 PM
22-Jan-03 Houston, TX
Honolulu, HI
Honolulu, HI
Agana, GU
CO        1
CO        1
  9:30 AM
  3:10 PM
  2:00 PM
  6:55 PM¹
23-Jan-03 Agana, GU Koror, PH CO   953   7:50 PM   9:00 PM
  1-Feb-03 Koror, PH Yap, FM CO   953   9:45 PM 11:45 PM
  5-Feb-03 Yap, FM Agana, GU CO   892   5:00 PM   6:30 PM
  6-Feb-03 Agana, GU Honolulu, HI CO        2   7:10 AM   6:25 PM²
  5-Feb-03 Honolulu, HI Houston, TX CO        2   7:40 PM   7:05 AM³
  6-Feb-03 Houston, TX Lexington, KY CO 3830   1:15 PM   4:29 PM
Notes: ¹ 23-Jan-03  Lost a day having crossed International Date Line going west
²   5-Feb-03 Gained the day back having crossed Date Line going east
³   6-Feb-03 Date change having flown thru midnight


 Main Trip - Palau

$3,300.00  Round Trip Airfare LEX-Palau-LEX
2 nights at West Plaza By The Sea (Double Occupancy)
8 days, 7 nights aboard Big Blue Explorer
$   150.00 Optional extra for full week of Nitrox

Optional Extension - Yap

$   775.00 Airfare Palau to Yap
4 nights at Traders' Ridge Resort
3 days diving/2 tanks per day

Trip Limit:

18 passengers





Flag of

  Flag of Palau 

Flag of
Federated States
of Micronesia

  Flag of Micronesia, Federated States of 
An optional 3-day stopover in Honolulu is allowed on the front end or back end of the trip with no additional airfare charges.

(Excerpt from Palau Visitor's Authority web site - see link, below)
The Republic of Palau, Micronesia's westernmost island chain, offers some of the most unique holiday opportunities to be found anywhere in the world. Its natural beauty, untouched wilderness, intact culture, remoteness and stability combine to offer something for adventure seekers, historical buffs, nature enthusiasts as well as those who just want to get away from the rapid pace of their lives and soak up peace and tranquility.

Located between Guam, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, Palau is a more than 400-mile-long archipelago that gives home to one of the world's unique phenomena, the Rock Islands. This collection of mushroom-shaped islets are largely uninhabited and are located in a large lagoon that harbors one of the world's greatest concentrations of corals, fish and other marine life.

Links to information on:

Big Blue Explorer - Dive Operator/Accommodations in Palau

Click here ===> for a schematic view of the Big Blue Explorer
(Use your Browser's Back button to return)

Palau Visitor's Authority - Official Guide to Palau
(Note: Don't click on "US Web Site" - it goes to a strange site.  Main site is already in English)

Palau Pacific Resort - Land accommodations in Palau

Traders' Ridge Hotel - Dive Operator/Accommodations in Yap

Ohana Oceanview Guam - Accommodations in Guam

Map of Palau Islands

Index to Additional Maps of Palau

Weather in Koror, PW

Time in Palau

World-Wide Currency Converter

Undercurrents - Review of Palau - Palau

World Factbook - Palau

The Living Edens - PBS - Palau: Paradise of the Pacific

The Stone Money of Yap

Federated States of Micronesia - Yap is one of the states

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