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June 11th - 18th, 2016 - St. Lucia, West Indies

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Doug Geddes
(859) 224-3197  


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Dan Miller
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June 11th to 18th, 2016 - Saturday to Saturday


Dive Operator:

Scuba St. Lucia
P.O. Box 7000
Soufriere, St. Lucia, West Indies
Tel: (758) 459-7755
Fax: (758) 459-7128
Toll Free: (800) 223-1108

Located on the Anse Chastanet property


Delta Lexington to St. Lucia & Return
Note: Group air is not available.


The fare for this itinerary is currently $815.00 as of 09/20/15.

This itinerary is for illustration only.  Please check your tickets and/or Delta for any Flight or Time changes

Date: From: To: Flight: Leave: Arrive:
Lexington to St. Lucia
11 JUN 16 LEX ATL DL2501 06:00 AM 07:19 AM
Change Planes. Connect time in Atlanta, GA 1 hours 1 minutes
ATL UVF DL329 08:20 AM 12:43 PM
11 JUN 16
18 JUN 16
Dive & Dine St. Lucia, Caribbean
St. Lucia to Lexington
18 JUN 16 UVF ATL DL349 03:15 PM 08:15 PM
Change Planes. Connect time in Atlanta, GA 1 hours 40 minutes
ATL LEX DL2600 09:55 PM 11:08 PM


These cost figures are accurate (except those marked estimate) but not to the penny.  Some are rounded.  Your final cost will be determined by the club treasurer.

All prices are per/person for 7 night/8 day stay with 6 days of diving.  All rooms have A/C, ceiling fans, hot water, shower, private bathroom, porch and pier.

Diver Rate Includes:
- - - All inclusive including non-alcoholic drinks
Non-Diver Rate Includes:
- - - All inclusive including non-alcoholic drinks
Not Included:
- - - Alcoholic drinks

 Cabin Type

Sgl/Dbl Rate Cost
Room with 2 double beds  Double Diver $2,089.00
 Double non-Diver $1,899.00
Departure tax (Not collected by club - needed when you exit the country)
Usually included in airline ticket price
Trip administration fee $10.00
Airfare (Group air not available) (Estimate Only) $815.00
Nitrox Unlimited FREE
Per Tank FREE
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Payment Schedule:

$200 due with sign-up reservation.

Dead Lines:

01 DEC 15

$500.00 payment due

31 MAR 16

Final trip payment will be due.  Treasurer will invoice you sometime ahead of this date.  Failure to pay in full by this date may result in cancellation of your reservation

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St. Lucia
Standards & Plug

240 Volt AC (Alternating Current) 50 HZ (Cycles)

Plug Type "G"

Information on the Type G British 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet.

The Type G electrical plug is a British three-pin rectangular blade plug that has a protective fuse inside to protect cords from high-current circuits. Type G outlets generally include safety switches

Plug Type "G" is the most common in St. Lucia (Click on a link, above, for more info)
NOTE: You will need ADAPTERS to convert this outlet type to something a U.S. Electrical plug will go into.  You may also need a transformer if you have items that are not marked as described in the following paragraph.

Most newer electrical  devices (Camera battery chargers, Laptops, iPads, iPods, Phone chargers) and many other devices can accept a broad range of electrical input 100VAC to 240VAC, 50-60 HZ.  Be sure to look closely at the sticker or power requirement stamp on the device or charger to check.  If it only says 110 or 120 VAC you will need a transformer.

If you have a number of items to plug in, I recommend taking a small power strip and connecting it with the appropriate adapter to the available power.  Just remember - once you do that - the power at the power strip is now 240 Volt AC - 50 HZ.  Do not plug anything into the power strip that requires 110 or 120 VAC only.

Shirt Design:



Shirt Back

Shirt Front


Flag of St. Lucia
ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: U.S. citizens must have a valid U.S. passport to enter St. Lucia. Additionally, you should ensure your passport has a minimum of six monthsí validity before traveling to St. Lucia. For further information, travelers may contact the Embassy of St. Lucia at Tel: (202)364-6792/95, Fax: (202)364-6723, or Email: for the most current visa information.

All U.S. citizens traveling outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter the United States. This extended to all sea travel (except closed-loop cruises), including ferry service on June 1, 2009. Travelers must now present a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document such as a passport or a passport card for entry to the United States. While passport cards and enhanced driverís licenses are sufficient for entry into the United States, they may not be accepted by the particular country you plan to visit; please be sure to check with your cruise line and countries of destination for any foreign entry requirements.

History of St. Lucia
Copied from - follow link to continue reading the history of St. Lucia plus many other interesting facts and useful links.

St. Lucia was first settled by Arawak Indians around 200 A.D., though by 800 their culture had been superseded by that of the Caribs. These early Amerindian cultures called the island "Iouanalao" and "Hewanorra," meaning "Island of the Iguanas."

St Lucia Pitons

The history of the island's European discovery is a bit hazy. It was long believed that Columbus had discovered St. Lucia in 1502, but recent evidence suggests that he merely sailed close by. An alternative discoverer is Juan de la Cosa, a lesser-known explorer who had served at one time as Columbus' navigator. There are some indications that de la Cosa may have discovered the island in 1499, although there is also evidence suggesting that he didn't find the island until 1504. In any case, there was no European presence established on the island until its settlement in the 1550s by the notorious buccaneer Francois le Clerc, a.k.a. Jambe de Bois, or Wooden Leg. Peg-Leg le Clerc set up a fine little base on Pigeon Island, from whence he issued forth to prey upon unwitting and treasure-laden Spanish galleons. Around 1600, the Dutch arrived, establishing a fortified base at Vieux Fort.

Links to information on:

Anse Chastanet - Accommodations in St. Lucia
Maps of St. Lucia - Information and maps of the area
Did You Know - Many topics with information on St. Lucia
How to dial to St. Lucia - International Country Code +758 (St. Lucia)
Delta Airlines - Flight transportation
U.S. State Department - Consular Information Sheet - St. Lucia
Embassy of the United States of America - St. Lucia is serviced out of Barbados
Centers for Disease Control - Health information for St. Lucia
CIA World Factbook - St. Lucia
Weather in St. Lucia
Time in St. Lucia - St Lucia is on AST (Atlantic Standard Time) - UTC-0400 - St. Lucia does NOT observe daylight savings time so when Kentucky is on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) we are the same time as St. Lucia.  When we are on Eastern Standard Time (EST) (November 1, 2015 thru March 13, 2016) we are one hour earlier than St. Lucia.

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