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Trip Lottery Policy of the Bluegrass Dive Club

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all club members have an equal opportunity to participate in a limited accommodation trip and ensure that members with “inside information” or advance knowledge of upcoming trips do not have an advantage over other club members.

The Board of Directors invokes this policy for certain trips where accommodations are limited and demand is anticipated to exceed the available accommodations.

Note: For any reservation to be considered valid, it must meet the requirements of the Trip Refund and Payment Policy published elsewhere on this website.

When invoked:

  • A trip will be announced and advertised with an initial reservation period of 30 days starting when the website trip page is published and available to accept reservations.  Every attempt will be made to ensure at least two notices are sent to all members prior to, or coincident with the start of the initial reservation period.  A “notice” is any of the following:

    • The trip page published on the club web site

    • Announcement in the club newsletter

    • Announcement at a general meeting or

    • An email sent to all club members stating the start of an initial reservation period.

  • During the initial reservation period all reservations received will effectively have the same exact sign-up date and time.

  • At the close of the initial reservation period, if the number of reservations received does not exceed the available accommodations, the lottery will not be held and all reservations received will be guaranteed accommodation.  The date and time stamp on the reservations received will remain in effect for other purposes, as needed, such as room assignments, etc.

  • If “over-subscribed,” the Board of Directors, pulling names at random from the list of valid reservations, will hold a blind lottery until all accommodations are filled.  The order pulled will replace the original date and time stamp to be used for other purposes, as needed, such as room assignments, etc.

  • The lottery will continue until all names are pulled to determine the order to be placed on a “waiting list.”  If placed on the “waiting list,” any deposits paid will be refunded or held on account at the member’s option.  Funds held on account will not be considered as obligated to that trip.

  • The lottery is for one single individual reservation per draw.  Spouses and partners are not paired in a single draw.  If a pair is split between the accommodated and waiting lists, they are free to drop or cancel a reservation or remain on the waiting list and attempt to move up.

  • Positions cannot be bought, bartered or sold with the exception that individuals are free to do whatever is necessary to fill their own cancellation when no one is on the waiting list.

  • When an accommodated reservation is cancelled, that position will be offered to the next member on the waiting list.  If offered, that member has a maximum of 7 days from notification to accept and make all payments due to that time.  If not accepted and/or if registration and payment is not completed, the accommodation will be offered to the next available valid reservation on the waiting list.

  • Any member cancelling a reservation, not accepting an offer to move up from the waiting list or failing to pay all required deposits currently due (with a maximum grace period of 14 calendar days from the published due date) will be dropped from the list and will be required to move to the bottom of the waiting list if submitting another reservation form later.

Adopted by the BGDC Board June 2005
Revised November 9, 201
Revised February 26, 2013

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