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Trip Refund and Payment Schedule Policy of the Bluegrass Dive Club

In order to be placed on the roster for an upcoming trip you must:

  • Submit an application form on the BGDC website.

  • Pay any required deposit or payment as requested by the Club Treasurer and/or Trip Leader per the posted payment schedule.

  • Be a current member in good standing with dues paid, in full, in the year you reserve a trip and all years through when you take your trip.

When we make reservations for members to a dive destination we will post a trip payment schedule including the last day you can cancel and not face penalty.  There may be multiple payment/penalty cancellation dates depending on the complexity of the trip and the Club’s obligation to make progress payments to the vendor or travel agent.  Individual progress payments to the Club Treasurer per the payment schedule become “late” if not paid by the posted due date.  You will become “delinquent” if you remain unpaid 30 days or more after the due date and your reservation is subject to cancellation.  The Treasurer and/or Trip Leader will make all efforts to notify you of your “late” status by phone and/or email with one final attempt via U.S. Postal Mail no later than 14 days before being declared “delinquent.”  At the sole discretion of the Club your reservation may be maintained on the books if resort or Liveaboard space remains available and we have sufficient funds in the trip account to make our progress payments to the vendor or travel agent without penalty.  In the case where strict participant limits apply, such as a fully subscribed resort or Liveaboard, and a waiting list exists, immediately upon being declared delinquent, the Trip Leader will begin soliciting people from the waiting list in the order of their reservation and if accepted and all fees are paid to date within 7 days, your reservation will be forfeited.

If an individual cancels out of a trip past the no-penalty deadline and this causes the club or participants of the trip to face a penalty, the individuals canceling will be held financially responsible. This does not include the loss of discounts and free packages but rather any fees and deposits on reserved accommodations and airfare that vendors will not waive.

The BGDC will attempt to fill the opening and should a replacement be found the only compensation due would be any fees for changing names on reservations.

It is recommended that each traveler secure his or her own trip insurance for major international destinations.

Double and Single Occupancy Policy

Prices for trips by the BGDC will have double and single occupancy rates. It you are traveling by your self and wish to take advantage of double occupancy rates make arrangements with someone to share a room or cabin as you reserve your space.

Please notify the Dive Master of whom you plan on sharing accommodations with and make sure they have also committed to the trip.

The BGDC will try to help you find suitable roommates for every trip. If a roommate cannot be found you may have to pay single occupancy rate.

Adopted by the BGDC Board June 2003
Revised March 10, 2010

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